Frequently asked questions about Autoxloo products

Vehicle Inspection Report
What is the best car inspection software on the market today?
Is this software compatible with iPhones, iOSs and Android tablets?
Does your VIR produce grading?
Does your VIR follow AAA or UK standard?
Do you have an ability to connect to an OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics) diagnostic reader?
Do you have VIN decoding capability?
Can I add detailed description to damage part of the vehicle?
Can I take photo of a car with the help of VIR?
Is there any possibility to customize VIR fields?
Do you have an ability to upload vehicles offline?
Is your Marketplace platform responsive?
Do you have Proxy Bidding capability?
Do you have Bidding History?
Can I run several auction types simultaneously?
Does your auction connect with any sort of grading?
Do you have any email notifications?
Should I activate vehicles I want to post one by one?
Does your system generate any reports?
Is there any role separation in the backend or everyone can manage auction part?

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