Autoxloo is pleased to provide our company information for analysts and potential investors.

We are focused on bringing our customers robust software and support services that help them to manage their businesses in a more productive and profitable way. The new global reality requires dealerships to cope with an even faster rate of change and the ripple effect of worldwide economic and political events that influence performance in the blink of an eye. Increasingly businesses are required to predict change before it happens – nothing is guaranteed.

We support thousands of dealerships in over 7 countries and has partners in North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, Indonesia. Since its founding, Autoxloo has consistently combined innovation, dedication and market focus to forge ahead of its competitors. Its products and services have achieved prestigious acclaim and are now the market choice of many of the automobile dealerships.

Autoxloo’s relentless search for excellence has enabled its network of customers to interpret and manage dynamic, complex markets and realise tangible competitive advantages in the race for dealership visibility.