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What is Data Import/Export?

Import/Export Requirements | Import/Export Examples

The Data Import Wizard is designed to load data into the Inventory, derived from external sources – other providers, dealers, etc. Data source – a normal text file separated, or a data file in xml format.

This Data Import Wizard can send your inventory to the Top online automotive marketplace sites, these are listed below:

Import/Export Requirements (AX10)

Import supports a data file, separated by commas (csv). This format must use the UTF-8 text encoding.

Table – displays the CSV field structure sample which must include field heading and data must be separated with a comma “,” and quotations ( ” ) for each field.

Num Field Name Value Type Description
1 stock String Stock number defined by dealer (can be same as the VIN)
2 title String Title of the vehicle (New, Used, Certified Pre-Owned, Other)*
3 vin String(17) Vehicle Identification Number (17 characters)
4 year Integer(4) Year the vehicle was manufactured (for example: 1984)
5 make String Manufacturer of the vehicle
6 model String Model of vehicle
7 trim String Specific trim of the model
8 free_text String Text added by the dealer to show specific details



10 body String Body style of vehicle (Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback, Limousine, Minivan, Other, Pickup, Sedan, Sport Utility, Suv, Truck, Van, Wagon)
11 mileage Integer Odometer value
12 price_current Integer Current price of car
13 price_wholesale Integer Price charged to wholesalers who buy large quantities for resale
14 price_cost Integer The price a dealer paid for the vehicle
15 InternetPrice Integer Internet price of the vehicle
16 MSRP Integer Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price
17 BookValue Integer The value is based on the original cost of the vehicle without depreciation, amortization or impairment costs made against the vehicle.
18 exterior String Exterior color of vehicle
19 interior String Interior color of vehicle
20 doors Integer Number of doors
21 engine String Type of engine
22 transmission String Type of transmission
23 drive_type String Driving wheels of the vehicle
24 fuel_type String Fuel Type (Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid, etc.)
25 warranty Integer Vehicle warranty, 1 – if warranty exists, 0 – if none
26 warranty_description String Warranty Text
27 description String Description of the vehicle
28 pics String URL of the photos for the vehicle
29 condition String Condition of vehicle (Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, Undefined)
30 options String Vehicle options, separated by a comma
31 URL_YouTube String You Tube video URL
32 URL_MAS String Make-a-Show video URL (export only)
33 date_in_stock String The date on which the vehicle was uploaded into the inventory
34 DealerName String Dealer’s name
35 DealerContactPerson String Dealer’s contact person
36 DealerPhone String Dealer’s contact phone number
37 DealerEmail String Dealer’s e-mail
38 DealerAddress String Dealer’s address
39 DealerCity String Dealer’s address (City)
40 DealerState String Dealer’s address (State)
41 DealerZIP Integer Dealer’s address (ZIP code)
42 DealerCountry String Dealer’s address (Country)
43 DealerID String The ID of the dealer
44 DealerLOT String Dealer’s LOT
45 DealerGroup String Dealer’s Group
46 Certified Integer Whether the vehicle is certified or not (1 / 0)
47 CategorizedOptions String Vehicle options with categories; a category is separated from an option by @ and options separated by a comma (Exterior@Black, Interior@Leather)
48 MarketClass String e.g. 2WD Small Pickup Trucks / 4wd Sport Utility Vehicle
49 User_price1 Integer User’s (Special) Price of the vehicle
50 User_price2 Integer User’s (Special) Price of the vehicle
51 User_price3 Integer User’s (Special) Price of the vehicle
52 Comment1 String A comment regarding the vehicle
53 Comment2 String A comment regarding the vehicle
54 Comment3 String A comment regarding the vehicle
55 VIDEO_URL_1 String URL of a custom movie
56 VIDEO_URL_2 String URL of a custom movie
57 VIDEO_URL_3 String URL of a custom movie
58 VehicleID Integer The ID of the vehicle
59 DetailURL String The URL of the details page of the vehicle
60 price_monthly String Monthly payment
61 mm_code String M&M code (South Africa only)
62 license_plate String Plate Number
63 sub_category String Sub Category (TRUCK&TRAILER)
64 engine_make String Engine Make: GMC; Detroit; Duramax etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER; RVs & CAMPERS)
65 engine_power String Horse Power (TRUCK&TRAILER; MOTORCYCLE)
66 brake_type String Type of breakes (TRUCK&TRAILER)
67 truck_status String Status of the Truck: Available (TRUCK&TRAILER)
68 trailer_status String Status of the Trailer: Available (TRUCK&TRAILER)
69 status_details String Status details (TRUCK&TRAILER)
70 over_drive Boolean Overdrive: 0;1 (TRUCK&TRAILER)
71 suspension String Suspension Type (TRUCK&TRAILER)
72 ratio String Ratio (TRUCK&TRAILER)
73 tires String Tires (TRUCK&TRAILER)
74 wheels String Wheels Type: All Steel; Aluminum Outside; All Aluminum; Steel Disc etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER)
75 wheel_base String Wheel Base: 132; 134 etc.(TRUCK&TRAILER)
76 Axles String Axles: Single; Tandem; Quad etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER)
77 axle_type String Axle Type (TRUCK&TRAILER)
78 spread_axle String Spread Axle (TRUCK&TRAILER)
79 front_axle String Front Axle: 9000; 12000 (TRUCK&TRAILER)
80 rear_axle String Rear Axle: 20000; 21000 (TRUCK&TRAILER)
81 internal_height String Internal Height (TRUCK&TRAILER)
82 height String Truck height (TRUCK&TRAILER; RVs & CAMPERS)
83 length String Truck length (TRUCK&TRAILER; RVs & CAMPERS)
84 width String Truck width (TRUCK&TRAILER; RVs & CAMPERS)
85 sleeper_type String Type of the sleeper (TRUCK&TRAILER)
86 insulated String Insulted: Yes/ No (TRUCK&TRAILER)
87 passengers String Number of passengers (TRUCK&TRAILER)
88 sleeps String Number of sleeps (TRUCK&TRAILER; RVs & CAMPERS)
89 doors_description String Doors type: Swing; Roll up etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER)
90 side_doors String Side Doors type: Curbside etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER)
91 gate String Gate: Yes/ No (TRUCK&TRAILER)
92 dump_location String Dump Location (TRUCK&TRAILER)
93 flatbed String Flatbed (TRUCK&TRAILER)
94 cab String Cab type: Standard Cab; Crew Cab etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER)
95 composition String Composition: Aluminum; Steel etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER)
96 tank_type String Tank Type (TRUCK&TRAILER)
97 floor String Floor type: Aluminum Floor etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER)
98 extendable String Extendable (TRUCK&TRAILER)
99 detachable String Detachable (TRUCK&TRAILER)
100 bottom_load String Bottom Load (TRUCK&TRAILER)
101 frame String Frame Type (TRUCK&TRAILER)
102 compartments String Compartments (TRUCK&TRAILER)
103 pneumatic_size String Pneumatic Size (TRUCK&TRAILER)
104 vapor_recover String Vapor Recover (TRUCK&TRAILER)
105 hoppers String Hoppers (TRUCK&TRAILER)
106 gallons String Gallons Capacity (TRUCK&TRAILER)
107 reefer_manufacturer String Reefer Manufacturer: Thermo King etc. (TRUCK&TRAILER)
108 cars String Cars (TRUCK&TRAILER)
109 ballast String Ballast (TRUCK&TRAILER)
110 payload String Payload (TRUCK&TRAILER)
111 steering String Steering (TRUCK&TRAILER; RVs & CAMPERS)
112 size String Size (TRUCK&TRAILER)
113 safety_chains String Safety Chains (TRUCK&TRAILER)
114 coupler String Coupler (TRUCK&TRAILER)
115 tongue String Tongue (TRUCK&TRAILER)
116 deck_width String Deck Width (TRUCK&TRAILER)
117 deck_height String Deck Height (TRUCK&TRAILER)
118 ramps String Ramps (TRUCK&TRAILER)
119 fenders String Fenders (TRUCK&TRAILER)
120 charger String Charger (TRUCK&TRAILER)
121 type_of_motor String Type of Motor (MOTORCYCLE)
122 air_conditioners String Number of Air Conditioners (RVs & CAMPERS)
123 slides String Slides (RVs & CAMPERS)
124 water_capacity String Water Capacity (RVs & CAMPERS)
125 awnings String Awnings (RVs & CAMPERS)
126 gvwr String GVWR (RVs & CAMPERS)
127 dry_weight String Dry Weight (RVs & CAMPERS)
128 chassis String Chassis (RVs & CAMPERS)
129 jack String Jack (RVs & CAMPERS)
130 self_contained String Self Contained (RVs & CAMPERS)
131 generator String Generator (RVs & CAMPERS)
132 price_header String Header Price (RVs & CAMPERS)

*Title (New, Used, Certified Pre-Owned, Other)

Incoming in the feed Treated as
Numeric “0” NEW
Numeric “1” USED
Numeric “3” SALVAGE

Import/Export Manuals And Examples

You can download an example of importing data files here:

CSV format options:

  • Data Separator – , (comma)
  • End of Line – Unix-style line-endings: LF (Line Feed, 0A – hexadecimal) or Windows-style line-endings: CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed characters, 0D0A -hexadecimal). Please DO NOT use Mac-style line-endings (CR)
  • Field Separators – ” (quotation mark)
  • Image Separator – ; (semicolon)
  • Option Separator – , (comma)

Important! XML file requirements:

  1. XML file must have only 2 levels and be well-formed;
  2. XML file must have a title
  3. The file should begin with tag <vehicles> (in plural) and end with </vehicles> (in plural);
  4. Every vehicle should be set between 2 tags: <vehicle></vehicle> (in singular);
  5. If there is no info in the tag, it should stay empty (never delete it). Ex.: <engine></engine> or <engine />
  6. All images should be included in one line, delimited with semicolon;
  7. The field order for each vehicle must be constant.
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